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About Queens Of The SinBin

Queens of the Sin Bin is a Roller Derby Uniform & Apparel manufacturer, designed for Derby people by Derby people.

Queens Of The SinBin Logo

How it all started...

Late 2010 Nadia (Kandi CorpseGrinder) joined a local team (The Swansea Slayers) and our first steps into the addictive sport had been taken, little did we know how much of a life changing event that would turn out to be. We’ve been on many Derby road trips since the beginning but our major introduction to Derby really grabbed our attention and changed our business over night. It was a UK All Stars v’s London Roller Girls bout held in High Wycombe, UK, and we were hooked from the start! It had everything we love in a sport and made for an awesome viewing spectacle but it was so very different, there and then we decided we wanted to be involved. We have a background in surfing and skateboarding apparel with our Obsolete Industries business so the inclusion of Roller Derby was relatively effortless. Initially we used the Obsolete label for our Derby clothing but over a short period of time felt it prudent to set up a stand alone label just for Derby as Derby was taking over, and so Queens Of The Sin Bin was born!

Where did the name Queens of the Sin Bin come from?

We were at a bout in Newport, South Wales, UK where we were still learning all things ‘Derby’. We noticed there were these end of bout awards and one was for the queen of the sin bin, it sounded like a wicked play on Queens of the Stone Age who happen to be one of our favourite bands, so there and then we had a name for our Derby label. We do not endorse foul play of any kind, the use of 'Sin Bin' in our name is more about a fun play on a name whilst showing we are not some faceless corporation.

The response to Queens has been nothing short of amazing, we are very fortunate to sponsor a select but growing group of amazing top level skaters and officials as well as some truly fantastic teams/leagues from all over the UK, USA and as far afield as Japan and Oz. We are very proud to work with leagues big or small, the thrill of seeing how cool a young fledgling team looks in their new Queens boutfits is second to none and we welcome the opportunity to work with teams no matter the size or experience

What is COOLDRY?

As well as producing fashion Apparel for Derby enthusiasts, we primarily offer playing kits. Our COOLDRY uniforms came into being as a direct response to teams requiring a sports uniform that is better suited to the demands of Derby as a sport whilst also looking super cool. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort working with our manufacturing partners to design a durable, lightweight and stunning product range specifically targeted to meet the demands of Derby. The COOLDRY material is a unique fabric technology that allows the absorption and transfusion of body moisture into the fibers while allowing air to circulate around the body. All of our Derby kits are made from COOLDRY material.