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Ladies Custom Uniforms

Roller Derby athletes demand more from their uniforms and we believe it’s not good enough to ask customers to just use the same old designs we offer to all teams. Our uniforms are 100% customisable from the amazing all over graphics to the trim colour/pattern.

Our Ladies range currently consists of the following garment options: QOTSB Ladies Vest, Newcastle Racerback, GOTHAM Uni-Sex Vest and Leggings.

QOTSB Derby uniforms are not constructed using traditional methods such as Screen Printing with inks, those techniques are perfect for the fashion market, however sports kits demand something altogether different.

Each individual item is made using Sublimation technology enabling us to tailor the design of your uniforms to your exact specifications. We use the same fabrics as modern Rugby League, Football and Motocross jerseys used by many professional teams around the globe. They are highly detailed, hard wearing and durable yet light, soft and comfortable to wear without being restrictive to movement on or off the track.

On the Track Options

Our Ladies Derby range consists of Vests and Leggings. Each garment has been specifically designed for the modern Roller Derby athlete. When designing these products we focused on 3 main areas - visual impact, comfort and durability. Each garment is available in a full size range and is 100% customisable to your teams colours/design. The Gotham and Newcastle garments were co-designed with both teams and offer a fantastic option to any Derby team.

Off the Track Options

As well as looking and feeling great on track in a Queens uniform we also offer Off the Track garments to compliment your Team uniforms. Our Off the Track range consist of Sleeveless Hoodies, Standard Hoodies and Tracksuits. All of these garments are customisable in your Teams design and compliment your on track presence perfectly. Make an impact before a single wheel touches the floor.

VEST MODELS // Our 4 Vest options come in slightly differing sizes and shapes offering the wearer a wide choice of garments that best suit their needs.

The QOTSB Model Vest has been evolved over time using feedback from many individual skaters and teams. We’ve altered almost all aspects of the original model to offer what we believe is the ultimate ‘all in one’ option suited to all skater levels. The V-neck offers a more flattering less restrictive option that works in conjunction with a slightly oversized cut of the garment offering a more relaxed feel.

The Gotham Pro Vest was designed with the All Stars and represents the styling they demand from their ‘work horse’ garments. The Pro Model offers a snug body fit allowing freer movement and helps the wicking of moisture from the body. With the Gotham Unisex Pro Model the All Stars wanted a completely different type of garment that could be worn by any gender or body shape. The very relaxed cut gives a considerably looser and lighter feel to the garment, with wide arm openings offering very little restriction in movement. This model was the brain child of OMG WTF. Both Gotham garments have a high rounded neck.

The Newcastle Racer Back Model has been developed in conjunction with the skaters of the Newcastle Roller Girls who took our standard Racerback Vest and made some very radical alterations to better suit the needs of modern Derby. A body conforming fit along with bigger arm/shoulder openings allow the skater almost totally unrestricted movement and maximum wicking.

All Models are available in a full size range from XS to 3XL, we can make smaller and larger garments if required. We use 2 fabric types for our Derby Vests: INTERLOCK DerbyTech and MICRO MESH. Our standard fabric for all models is the 170 gsm INTERLOCK, this material offers strength and high resistance to Velcro wear whilst being light an comfortable to wear. MICRO MESH is a slightly heavier knitted fabric offering great wicking properties, however it does not have as high velcro resistance as INTERLOCK, as a result we recommend the choice of INTERLOCK for all team Vests.

LEGGINGS// All QOTSB Leggings are made from 240gsm Lycra fabric. They incorporate a high waistband and an inner draw cord. Available as a 3 quarter cut as standard.

SHORTS // Our Shorts are a loose fitting Unisex garment tailor made for Derby, they are slightly oversized when compared to standard sports shorts to enable free movement and minimal restrictions during use. Made from MICRO MESH they offer excellent comfort and hydrophobic qualities.

DerbyTech Fabric Technical Specs : 170 g/m2 | 100% Polyester | Interlock / Double Knit.

Interlock has the advantages of looking very elegant whilst being a hard working hydrophobic fabric. This excellent performance material is super smooth and soft to wear, yet prints beautifully. Interlock fabric stretches moderately in both directions and due to it’s added strength against Velcro this is not a super stretchy or forgiving material. It has permanent moisture wicking and is stain, odour and microbial resistant.

Endorsed By

Queens uniforms are worn by Roller Derby teams all over the globe, we are very proud to work with many of the sports outstanding Leagues from the USA, UK, Europe and more recently Argentina.

When we endorse a League we work alongside them to provide them with the best quality garments we can produce and support them in their growth. This is not just limited to track uniforms, we also provide off the track items such as Tracksuits, Sleeveless Hoodies and Polo Shirts as well as Merch options to aid fundraising.

We are proud to endorse:


Starting the design process of your new Uniform could not be simpler using our online Enquiry form bellow. Alternatively you can email us using the following address: Ralph@queensofthesinbin.com

Whichever option you chose our customer support team will provide you with more in-depth information and painlessly guide you through the design process.